You just remembered about a Multisensory Activity you loved, but you can’t remember exactly what it was called or how long ago it was posted.  No worries!

Below is a list of the printable activity documents from past posts with directions.

Hope this helps!

Frequent Reader Cards

These Frequent Reader Cards work like frequent diner punch cards at your favorite restaurant.  Pick one text (a word list, sentences or controlled reader story) for the student to practice repeatedly.  Give one punch for each time they read the text silently and then aloud.  When they have collected 10 punches, they receive a reading reward!

Frequent Reader Cards

Word Template-Frequent Reader Cards

Wild Old Ranch

This card sort game will help your students practice common exceptions where closed syllables make a long vowel sound: ild, old, ost, olt and ind.  Phonics First Foundations Lesson 2-23.

Wild Old Ranch Directions

Wild Old Word Headings

Wild Old Word Cards


Sandy Thirty

Use this gameboard game to practice consonant+y endings where y makes the long e sound.  Phonics First Foundations Lesson 4-5.

Sandy Thirty Directions

Sandy Thirty Word Beginning Cards

Sandy Thirty Word Ending Cards

Sandy Thirty Gameboard


Blends Spinner

This game can be used to practice any of the blends.  The Word Cards offered here are for 3 letter beginning blends.  Phonics First Foundations Lesson 2-10D.

Blends Spinner Directions

Blends Spinner Word Cards

Spinner at

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Sentence Building Relay

This game is a way to get students up and moving while practicing dictation.  It can be used with dictation sentences from any Phonics First Foundations lesson.

Sentence Building Relay Directions

Sentence Building Relay


Peeps Fleet

This battleship-like game focuses on the vowel team ee.  Phonics First Foundations Lesson 3-18.

PEEPS Fleet Directions

PEEPS Fleet Word Cards

PEEPS Fleet Gameboard



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